Laser & Non-Surgical Procedures

Laser light starts with Pulsed Light but eliminates all but one wavelength (or color) of light. Laser can deliver only one color (or wavelength) of light at a time.

Pulsed light can deliver hundreds or thousands of colors of light at a time. Pulsed Light machines use “cut off” filters to selectively deliver the desired wavelengths.

These wavelengths can customized to reach the specific hair, blood vessels, or skin component being treated and can be modified with each pulse.

Pulsed light tends to target a number of problems simultaneously and not as selectively as laser.

Lasers are a single wavelength to target a specific problem.

Both Pulse Light and Laser technology can be manipulated to target

  • oxyhemoglobin to treat blood vessels, spider vein and rosacea
  • melanin (pigment in skin and hair) to treat pigment lesions and hair
  • water to tighten skin

At Svetlana’s Skin Secrets Laser Aesthetics we use both laser and pulsed light systems for procedures.